Writing and photography by Life All Over

I welcome any writing assignments.

You may have gathered from perusing this site that I love to write.  If you are looking for a writer, look no further because I am your girl.

I have lots of stored up content that has yet to be published, my areas of knowledge are the American Southwest, Colorado, the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, road trip through Canada, history, archaeology, culture, color and food.  Those are the things I can produce upon request.

As a writer/photographer, I can also provide professional photos that complement each story or article.

With a degree in Archaeology/Anthropology, not only do I know how to write, I also know how to get it done well and on time.

I am also open to any other writing assignment you may have in mind, just send me a message and let’s talk about it!  Use the contact form below, or email me at payjeb@gmail.com.