Snapshot: Pike Place Market

We didn’t see people hurling fishes at each other, but we did get a little chance to stroll through the Pike Place Market in Seattle for a few minutes before catching our ferry to Bainbridge Island.

It was such an interesting, lively place.  And there was TONS of stuff to look at!  The amount of different things for sale was incredible!  I could have spent all day there if we had had the time… but we had a ferry to catch!

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  1. I love Pike’s Place Market, too. Watching those guys throw fish, checking out the nooks and crannies is a great way to spend a morning. I wish we had a market like that here.

    • says:

      It was really neat! I didn’t really know anything about it, but we were heading to the ferry and my aunt just kind of ushered us out of the car and said “meet me back here in 20 minutes, you guys really should check out the market!” I wish we had had more time, but maybe we can make some on our way back this fall.

  2. Hey there Payje! Hope all your travels are going well!!! Get some rest! Love stopping by market places when I travel–one of my favorite things to see. Love this post!!


    • says:

      Thanks Christy! Things are going really well. We’re up in northern BC right now, we’ll be heading into the Yukon the day after tomorrow! Things have been surprisingly populated up to this point, but I think starting tomorrow we’ll be heading into the wild (sort of). I hope everything’s great with you too! I’ll be better at staying in touch once we get to Alaska hopefully!

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