Snapshot: Goodnight Steamboat Springs

When the town goes to sleep, the snowcats wake up.  I remember watching the lights on the ski mountain through my window when I was little, and listening to the sounds of the snow makers.  Well, right now the snow makers are all done for the year (although I’m sure everyone would appreciate a little bit more snow!) but the snowcats obviously still have a job to do.  You can see the light trail of one of them making its way to the top of the mountain, and you can see the light of another one peeking over the top of the hill like a spotlight.  When I was still young, I imagined the snowcats as being creatures, not machines operated by people.  Even though I know differently now, it’s still hard for me to imagine people inside of them driving them around… I still picture them the same way that I did when I was little.

This was my first attempt at night time photography.  Not perfect, but a good start right?  I didn’t have an ideal view (aspen tree in the middle of the frame) but it really gives you the feeling of my beautiful town after dark.  It’s incredible how much light a long exposure can pick up… I couldn’t even see what I was photographing.  I had to do a number of test shots to get any sort of frame at all, and this final picture was taken with a 25 second exposure.  It just blows me away what my camera can do.

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