Snapshot: Colorado Flat Tops

I took this picture a year or so ago at Smith Lake in the Flat Tops.  The Flat Tops are exactly like they sound, big mountains with flat tops that can be found just outside of Steamboat Springs, CO.  You can probably tell from the pictures I’ve been posting recently that I MISS COLORADO!! I miss it to pieces.  Summers in Steamboat are so amazingly beautiful, and more especially so to the locals who remember what the same view looked like covered in 10 feet of snow only months (or weeks) before.

Don’t get me wrong, the snow is also beautiful.  But it’s a lot less beautiful when you’re faced with the prospect of shoveling it all off of your deck.

I even miss that!  I’m so glad that Justin and I are going to be spending a few weeks at home in Colorado before we hit the road for Alaska, I kind of just realized how homesick I am for the Yampa Valley!

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