Snapshot: Amarillo, TX

The Cadillac Ranch, about a mile outside of Amarillo, TX, greets observant I-40 travelers with a welcome break from the infinite monotony of the Texas plains.  It sits in a field set back from the highway, so you need to be looking to see it and understand what it is.  You’ll most likely be like “wait, was that really a bunch of cars stuck out in a field?  Turn around!” Then you’ll flip a U turn, park on the side of the road, and walk with the other people who have done the same thing to go see it.  The field that these rust-buckets reside in is still a working ranch, and cows mill around you as you gaze in awe at what I consider to be one of the Great Wonders of America.

Oh, the Big Texan.  You might have seen it on Man Vs. Food, or if not, heard legend of the 72 oz steak challenge.

Yes, 72 ounces.  And a baked potato, and a salad, and a roll, and some shrimp.  As if a 72 oz. steak wasn’t enough.  I considered giving it a shot, but I didn’t consider it too hard.  While we were there though some poor soul tried.. and failed.  It was great entertainment for us however because they put all of the contestants up on a big stage in the front of the restaurant with a ticking timer behind them while they try to chew and swallow their weight in beef.

That’s about all we found in Amarillo.  We were only there for one night so there could be more that we missed… but somehow I don’t think there is.

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  1. Holy smokes! 72 oz is huge. At my restaurant we serve an 8 oz filet and I can barely finish that!

  2. says:

    I know it’s crazy! They had a display one in the front of the restaurant, and I swear it was bigger than my head!! What kind of restaurant do you have?

  3. Great photo of Cadillac Ranch. I really want to go there.

  4. says:

    Thanks, it was really neat! There were cans of spray paint sitting next to some of the cars, so we got to add some of our own graffiti and leave our mark on one of the cars too! I would definitely suggest going if you get the chance.

  5. I’ve eat at The Big Texan!!! They had old people playing the fiddle and banjo and sining to us. I have a pic of me sitting in the giant rocking chair!! Don’t remember how the food tasted, but I definitely didn’t try the 72 oz competition.

  6. Waegook Tom says:

    The cars are just….there….stuck in the ground?! Bizarre. Loving the colours :)

    Also, that steak challenge sounds pretty tough. I have no idea how big 72oz is, but I’m guessing it’s pretty hugesque.

    • says:

      Yeah, they’re just stuck out there! They’re REALLY old cars too… with layers and layers of spraypaint on them. It was pretty crazy to see! But not quite as crazy as a 72 oz steak…

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