S’mourmet Cooking

Get it? Like GOURmet cooking but it’s S’MOREmet cooking? Haha, ok.

On our little gold mining trip to Hope, Alaska last weekend, Justin and I decided to really step it up on our s’more creation.  I realized I was tired of the same old boring campfire treat.  Do you know that I don’t even like graham crackers?

It’s true.

So we invented new s’mores.  We went a little crazy.  We started with one that my friend at work told me about, the Banana Boat.  Tinfoil, banana, marshmallows, chocolate.  Into the fire, then into your mouth.  Heaven.

Justin decided to rename the creation and call it a “banana hammock” which I know is inappropriate.. . but hilarious!  After I enjoyed my banana hammock, I moved on to bigger and better things.

Yeah, that is what you think it is.  I made a s’more with Oreos and a Reese’s cup instead of chocolate and graham cracker.  Why? Because I’m a maverick.  And if you don’t think that was the best thing I have ever had the pleasure of chewing and swallowing… then you are wrong.

It doesn’t have a name yet.. . any ideas?  The patent is pending right now so don’t even dare trying to steal it!

Have you ever made a franken-s’more?  What did you put in it?

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  1. The “Sm-Oreo” of course. You can probably do a great concoction with pound or angel food cake, foil and chocolate, strawberries or other fruit- or heck, go for it, the works and whatever your fertile imagination comes up with.

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  3. I love the smourmet name and the banana hammock!! Thanks for making me laugh!! These look oh so delish and I think I just gained weight looking at these!!


    • payjeb@gmail.com says:

      I know, they are definitely NOT the healthiest option! But I justified it to myself by telling myself that at least I was eating a piece of fruit… LOL!

  4. I lOVE s’mores! Both of them look super delicious! :)

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