Iliamna Volcano, Alaska

Ain’t she a beaut?

The whole time we’ve lived here in Homer, I have been under the impression that the hour and a half long drive from Soldotna to Homer is ugly and there’s nothing to see.  I got this impression because we have done the drive about 10 times, and each time it has been overcast/rainy, and it has been ugly and there’s nothing to see.

Well.  The other day when we were driving back from gold mining in Hope, it just so happened to be a sunny day.  And I learned that the drive from Soldotna to Homer is actually a STUNNING drive, because the entire way (when there is actually some visibility) you can see two MASSIVE snow-capped volcanoes that sprout up out of nowhere from the ocean.  Imagine my surprise.

This picture is of Iliamna Volcano, the other one not pictured is Redoubt.  Both are active volcanoes, and there are actually others in the area too.  Ready to blow at any moment.  Not really.

So my advice is to wait for a sunny day to drive to Homer.

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  1. Gorgeous image!! I love the photo you took…such a profesh photog!!!


  2. Alaska is truly stunning! Thanks for sharing it.

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