Hiking Mad Creek

Just looking at this picture, you would imagine the time of year to be somewhere around June, right?  The water is still slightly elevated from snow run-off, the grass is growing greener and the leaves have just recently popped out on the trees.  June in Colorado.

Not this year.

I took this picture on the Mad Creek trail the day before yesterday.  THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY.  All the snow was gone, the trail was dry, things were starting to green up, and I was sweating pretty profusely.  “What is going on here????”  I wondered.  This is not April weather.  Swimming pools are never open at the same time as the ski mountain for gosh sakes.

I wondered this, and then it snowed on us while we were fly fishing yesterday.  And snowed about an inch last night.  And snow is forecasted for the rest of the weekend and into next week.  Oh yeah… I forgot we live in Colorado, the unpredictable weather center of the world.

Weather aside, hiking Mad Creek is a great thing to do when you are in Steamboat Springs.  There are a few different trails you can take, and if you are really dedicated, you can trek all the way up to the Hot Springs in Strawberry Park and hop in for a nice long soak before heading back down.  We were not so dedicated when we hiked on Wednesday, we made it about a mile and half to the old ranger house on the trail, then we scouted out a flat rock in the middle of the creek to eat lunch on.  Then we walked back to the car.  But that was just enough for me, by then the clouds were starting to work their way in for an afternoon thunderstorm anyway.

The Yampa Valley is such a beautiful place.

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  1. Wow- the snow is gone and it’s April. That is weird and a bit scary. But there’s no such thing as climate change. Going to be an interesting summer in the mountains. Have great memories of soaking at Strawberry Park, one of my favorite hot sprigs- but we drove-lol. Walking, whew!

    • payjeb@gmail.com says:

      It is beautiful there! But a very long walk haha. My favorite time of year to go to the hot springs is in the middle of the winter after a day on the mountain… it’s an extra plus if it’s snowing! Beautiful!

  2. ropcorn says:

    That does look really beautiful! And I love that there is a park there called “Strawberry Park”. :p Thank you for sharing!

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