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The Homer Harbor

More pictures for you today!  Here are some photos of the Homer Harbor, you would not believe the number of boats that fit into this harbor!  The big boats (like the Time Bandit from Deadliest […]

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Kachemak Bay: A Photo Tour

Continuing on our photographic journey this week, these are some of my favorite pictures of Kachemak Bay, the bay that Homer sits on.  It’s probably the most beautiful bay in the world, just sayin’. Pin […]

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A little bit about Red Salmon fishing

Pin It Oh, the not so elusive red salmon.  Justin was lusting after this abundant stream fish all summer.  I’m not entirely sure why, but even though Homer is the Halibut fishing capital of the […]

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Halibut Fishing in Homer Alaska

Pin It Ever since I caught 9 fish one day when I went fly fishing in Colorado, I have considered myself somewhat of a fishing genius.  I guess I should also mention that those were […]

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Seldovia, Alaska: A town across the bay

Pin It The first thing that struck me about Seldovia as we disembarked from the ferry is a little bit strange.  I could have noticed the charming fishing village, or the beauty of the boats […]

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Iliamna Volcano, Alaska

Pin It Ain’t she a beaut? The whole time we’ve lived here in Homer, I have been under the impression that the hour and a half long drive from Soldotna to Homer is ugly and […]

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Feeding the sluice

Gold Mining in Hope Alaska

I think the title of this post might be slightly misleading.  When I think of “gold mining” I think of old barefoot, toothless men with beards, crooked backs and pickaxes; or, more recently, I think […]

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