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Oregon Rain Forests

Pin It I woke up in the back of our Suzuki at a rest stop outside of Burns, Oregon this morning.  To say that I “woke up” actually doesn’t really cover it, I had been […]

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Storms Over Idaho

Pin It This is what we drove through in Idaho.  I was pretty much POSITIVE that we were going to be swept away in a tornado.  I didn’t believe the Weather Channel app when it […]

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A quick stop in Salt Lake City

Pin It This is our beautiful gypsy caravan. I am writing this post as quickly as I can before I go wake up Justin so that we can get on the road!  We left Colorado […]

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Hitting the road

Pin It Tomorrow is the big day!  Sort of.  Tomorrow Justin will pick me up in Steamboat, and we will be heading to our storage room in Hayden, CO to pick up our stuff, then […]

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Hiking Mad Creek

Pin It Just looking at this picture, you would imagine the time of year to be somewhere around June, right?  The water is still slightly elevated from snow run-off, the grass is growing greener and […]

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In the Gila

Gila Cliff Dwellings, NM

Pin It So a few weeks ago I told you about my trip to the Gila National Forest.  The original plan was to directly follow it up with a post about what I DID while […]

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Back to Beautiful Colorado

Well, we finally made it back to Colorado.  What stress!  Everything went just as smoothly as could be and I still almost had multiple panic attacks.  We were so lucky to have help from Justin’s […]

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Gila National Forest, New Mexico

Pin It I will go as far as to say that it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself in Silver City, New Mexico.  It’s not really a destination, it’s not on the way […]

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Snapshot: Amarillo, TX

Pin It The Cadillac Ranch, about a mile outside of Amarillo, TX, greets observant I-40 travelers with a welcome break from the infinite monotony of the Texas plains.  It sits in a field set back […]

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