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Snapshot: Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Pin It OOOOOHHH MY GOSH.  I don’t know what else to say about this place.  The falls drop gushing water over 1,000 feet down, and the lush forest surrounding the waterfall is like something out […]

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Stanley Park: Vancouver, BC

Pin It Just across the bridge from Vancouver, almost literally a stone’s throw away, lies one of the most beautiful parks I have ever laid eyes on.  I can’t remember just now who recommended that […]

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Snapshot: Vancouver Skyline

Pin It Vancouver is a beautiful, beautiful city.  If you’ve ever been there before, you probably know what I’m talking about when I say it feels really international.  Well, obviously it’s international for us because […]

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The Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry

Pin It We boarded the ferry directly after we dashed through the Pike Place Market.  In case you couldn’t tell, that is REAL blue sky in the picture… so very very lucky!  My aunt told […]

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Snapshot: Pike Place Market

Pin It We didn’t see people hurling fishes at each other, but we did get a little chance to stroll through the Pike Place Market in Seattle for a few minutes before catching our ferry […]

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Portland’s Shanghai Tunnels

Pin It Beneath the hip green streets of Portland lie a dark and creepy past.  An intricate series of tunnels connect the buildings of the city to the nearby port.  In the past, these tunnels […]

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The Streets of Portland

Pin It As we drove through Portland, I was like “How close are we to Portland?”  That’s how much it doesn’t feel like a big city.  There are so many trees, hills, and forests, that […]

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