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S’mourmet Cooking

Get it? Like GOURmet cooking but it’s S’MOREmet cooking? Haha, ok. On our little gold mining trip to Hope, Alaska last weekend, Justin and I decided to really step it up on our s’more creation.  I realized I was […]

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Iliamna Volcano, Alaska

Pin It Ain’t she a beaut? The whole time we’ve lived here in Homer, I have been under the impression that the hour and a half long drive from Soldotna to Homer is ugly and […]

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Feeding the sluice

Gold Mining in Hope Alaska

I think the title of this post might be slightly misleading.  When I think of “gold mining” I think of old barefoot, toothless men with beards, crooked backs and pickaxes; or, more recently, I think […]

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Adorable animal pictures

Need a little something to brighten up your Monday?  I have compiled a delightful post of the cutest/funniest animal pictures that I’ve gotten so far from Alaska… pretty much they are made up of bears […]

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Recipe time: Freshest Ever Fish Tacos

Pin It I would like to start off this post by asking for your forgiveness on my horrendous food photography.  It’s not usually this bad.  But I just happened to think about taking this picture […]

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Hiking Exit Glacier: Seward, Alaska

Pin It You can’t actually walk (or sled) on Exit Glacier, which I was pretty disappointed about.  Especially because we hiked there on the one and only hot day I’ve experienced since we’ve been in […]

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Bear Safety in Alaska

Pin It So, a few weeks ago I told you a captivating and enchanting tale about when Justin and I flew to Katmai National Park to frolick around with the brown bears.  I got caught […]

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My Favorite Lakes

Today’s #FriFotos theme is lakes.  I got so excited about it because I love lakes, and I have lots of pictures of lakes.  Then I got upset.  I couldn’t decide which ones to use.  So, […]

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Otter Cove, Alaska and “The Luck of the Draw”

Pin It Homer, Alaska is literally the end of the road.  The Sterling Highway goes right out to the end of the Spit and dead ends without any warning or circumstance whatsoever. There is a […]

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